Production Diary



Recently, we were given the opportunity to try out the Panasonic VariCam. The weather dealt us a rough hand, or so we thought. Upon arriving at the seafront in Portishead we soon realised the changing light, the diminished colours and ghostly calmness were perfect for seeing what the VariCam could do.

The waterfront enveloped in thick mist and bathed in low light made for a very atmospheric shoot. A Large ship drifted silently by, casting an eery silhouette against the grey backdrop of the sky. The open air pool, the place to be in the scorching hot sunshine, deserted in favour of a fireplace, it's saturated colours echoes of it's golden age. The black metal lighthouse, jutting awkwardly out of Battery Point.

Without a theme in mind, we decided to simply shoot the scene, trying out various frame rates and ISOs to try and capture the misty, atmospheric mood of the day. Slowing down to 120 frames per second only served to enhance the passive pace of the goings on, creating a perfect nostalgic effect that suited the surroundings perfectly.

As the edit was taking shape we realised that something was missing and for a time we weren't entirely sure what that something was. It was only through researching the area, the pool and the lighthouse that we had the idea to use brief lines of information; measurements of the lighthouse, visitors per year, precipitation as overlays to bring a subtle narrative to the piece. We also had the idea to add two lines of emotive, inner-monologue text for dramatic effect.

The final thing to think about was the soundtrack. 'Heard About You Last Night' by Mogwai was our first and only choice simply because it matched so well with the mood and pace of the film.

With the edit locked off, we went into the grading process going with a de-saturated colour palette enhancing the eery quietness of a cold day by the sea.

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