November 30, 2021

BBC Horizon - Coronavirus Special

BBC Horizon - Coronavirus Special

Working alongside BDH Creative, we created a number of 3D animated sequences for a Horizon special on the Coronavirus. The sequences had to show how the vaccinations work in an informative way, while being visually interesting.

Two specials had already been broadcast, so it was important that we matched the aesthetic look already established. We were provided with the basic un-textured model of the coronavirus, which then textured, lit and rendered to match the previous episodes.

The coronavirus in wireframe form prior to being textured and lit

We also created a human adenovirus, along with T-cells, anti bodies and a number of other assets ready to be animated. The sequences were animated according to an animatic, and then submitted to the editing team.

As is customary for a television show, the edit was in constant flux as the program was being honed. We were therefore required to make numerous subtle changes to timing and had to do so quickly, as the broadcast deadline loomed.

Everyone across the production team worked efficiently and smoothly to make sure it was completed on time, and to a high quality. The programme received good reviews, and we were pleased to have been part of a legendary documentary series.

Human Adenovirus - final render

Skin cell and anti bodies

The full animated sequence: