November 30, 2021

Persona - Motion Graphics

Persona - Motion Graphics
Persona: The Dark Truth Behind Personality Tests (2021)

Working with fellow Bristol company BHD Creative, we created a number of motion graphics sequences for  this feature length documentary.

The brief was to create a slightly sinister, futuristic depiction of a facial scanning system that would reveal aspects of the subjects personality. The sequences consisted of faux computer code, facially tracked wireframes and a glitchy analogue feel.

Although initial inspiration did come from existing TV shows and films, there was a lot of room for creative freedom to explore own look and feel for the sequences.

Concept art submiited to the director for approval

We submitted a number of style frames for the director to look over and once approved we set out to create the final sequences. Each scene consisted of a subject being analyzed in order to ascertain their personality traits.

With this in mind we created eye and face tracking elements, with text readouts and random code appearing on the screen. We also created realistic glitches using analogue tape footage to create displacements maps. This gave the glitches and digital artifacts an authentic look.

We were supplied with 6K RED Dragon footage with the final deliverables to be in 4K. Around 10 sequences in total were created and delivered, and we also provided a number of reusable animated assets that the rest of the graphics team could use throughout the film.

The film was directed by Tim Travers-Hawkins and is streaming on HBO Max.

You can see a compilation of the graphics we created here: