November 30, 2021

RoomShuffler - Promo Video

RoomShuffler - Promo Video

This project required a quick turn-around. We needed to create a concept from scratch and pitch it within a couple of days.With the concept approved, we were left with only a few days for pre-production. The brief called for two shoot days, an exterior shoot in London and interiors in Bristol. We got our talent booked, locations scouted and set about creating a shot list. There wasn't time to do an onsite recce in London, but using Google Streetview we were able find suitable outdoor spots across London.

Shooting on location in London

We would need to get around London quickly enough to get the coverage we needed. This would mean limiting the kit we wanted to take, but without compromising production value. With the kit decided on, batteries charged, cards formatted and bags packed we headed to London. Using a mix of handheld camera, and slider shots we were able to work quickly while getting great footage. We moved between locations quickly, and although it was a tiring, hot day we got everything we needed.

With the first day wrapped it was time to turn our attention to the second day's shoot. This would be a little easier; an interior location, with more control over light and more time to set up our shots.

Both the living room and bed rooms had abundant natural light, so we decided to make good use of that, augmenting it only with a touch of LED, or Arri Fresnel for fill light

Moving up to the bedroom scene, we wanted utilize even more of the natural light to give the footage a dreamlike quality. We also shot these scenes at 50fps for slow motion, and also so we could perform subtle speed ramps in the edit.

The video was then finished off with subtle colour grading and some animated text to draw attention to the various selling points of the room finding service.

Shooting interior footage in Bristol

We relied on our ability to plan effectively, shoot quickly and conservatively to turn the project around within the time constraints. Looking back at our original ideas and treatments we executed the vision closely and achieved what we'd set out to.

Check out the final video here: